Optimized User Interface from head to toe


NextLevel is a developed UI that is designed, developed, and engineered by Karinterior, inc

Phantom® is a US registered brand owned by Karinterior, inc. 

Varies from as simple as a brilliant Smartwatch to as sophisticated as Self-driving board and in-vehicle technologies, Phantom is the best in terms of technology, safety, privacy, and Outlook. 

Phantom comes with flagship System on Chips (SoC) to offer all high-end products at affordable prices! Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC, Phantom is the only brand worldwide uses Snapdragon’s SoCs inside the vehicles to offer the unlimited entertainment, enjoyful fast app navigation, and running 4K games at up to 120 FPS!

It is the only brand that uses AmOLED displays that is HDR10+, 16B colors, and screen sizes up to 



Biggest AmOLED worldwide



In-Vehicle Displays


Digital Cluster

More about Phantom products can be discovered by clicking here


The most favorited brand by many of Range Rover, Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and many luxury vehicles owners worldwide. Alfa Series uses the first generation of NextLevel UI.

Alfa is powered by a premium AllWinner System on Chip that is running Android 10 OS with a fully customized UI to fulfill the basic needs of all users. 

Gloss Black Exterior

Advanced Radar, LiDAR, and Cameras technology for a safer ride with real-time processing GPS and Low-Latency ISP for Satellite V2X to ensure a covered network throught the world without the need for a 5G or 6G network. 


Eagle Eye enhanced with an advanced AI technology to detect surrounding vehicle logos and colors for a more accurate in-display technology and analysis.


Satellite V2X is still in its beta version and under development